Aldermaston York Nativity Play 2016

It is quite remarkable that a small village could put on a single play for 60 consecutive years. The secret lies in the combination of the York

Mystery Play text, the greatest story ever told and the inspiration of Pat Eastop to use our ancient church filling

YNP Poster 2016

Aldermaston York Nativity Play

it with a blend of medieval music, words and costumes. It’s a glimpse of the past with a story we all know well. It’s comforting, warm and interesting.

2016 will see 5 performances starting with the full dress rehearsal on Monday 5th December.


We will be commemorating this diamond anniversary of the play (1957-2016) with several items, firstly two of the Aldermaston potters, Andrew Hazelden and  Ursula Wachter have designed a limited edition bowl which can be ordered here.