How the Aldermaston Nativity Play started

The Aldermaston Nativity Play was created in 1957 when Pat Eastop and the Revd Stanley Young decide that the village needed a Nativity Play that year. 

Pat Eastop, MBE, founder and director
Pat Eastop, M.B.E.
Revd Stanley Young – 1956 Candle Auction

Pat was a local mother and arts teacher, she discovered a Nativity Play created by the theatre producer and director E. Martin-Browne. It was made up from the Nativity story plays in the 14th Century York Mystery Cycle that E. Martin-Browne , in the early 1950’s, had especially designed for performance in the tranquil setting of a church.

Who is involved …

Over the years there have been many, many people that have performed on stage, in the choir, or worked in the background on the play.

The current play involves 70-80 people each year and the present director, Chris Boott, has been compiling lists of people who have been involved over the years.

List of Cast Members 1957 to present day

List of Backstage People 1957 to present day

If you have been involved or know of someone that was involved and is not listed, please let us know.


1957 Joseph, Mary & the Shepherds