Pat Eastop

Pat Eastop

Pat Eastop, MBE, founder and directorPat Eastop co-founded the York Nativity Play with the Revd Stanley Young in 1957. This remarkable lady directed the play annually through all of its first 57 years, selecting and guiding hundreds of performers and helpers, her final act being the casting of the new Joseph in 2014.

With this play Pat not only provided a legacy to her own talents, but has given Aldermaston an inestimable treasure for generations to come. Pat’s love and understanding of medieval art blended the 14th century text,12th century church building, medieval choral music and historically inspired costumes into a piece of performance art that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The play has a deep reverential atmosphere felt by all who experience it and yet it still continues to tell, in a very human way, the story of the first Christmas.
The cast, crew and all associated with the play loved and will miss Pat immensely. The play for years to come will be our tribute to her memory. A lantern is now lit during all performances on the grave of Pat and her husband, Geoffrey, as a  tradition so that we never forget.

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